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Hebei NewTime Foundation Annual meeting successfully convened

2018/03/05 13:52
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Time flies, the years change, 2017 is the NewTime Foundation happy harvest year! Recently, HebeiNewTime Foundation held the 2017 annual review conference, Chi Meijun,The President on behalf of the top management of the work report for the whole year, the meeting was chaired by Chi Guoping whom is factory director.

The meeting deeply summarized the work of all departments in 17 years, and the director from different departments also took the stage to report the work priorities of the year, and encountered difficulties and implementation methods.

Chi Meijun, President of the company, and Chi Guoping, the director of the factory, also made a global report on the work of the company in the past year, and made important comments on further development, indicating the direction for the new time base industry. The following is the photos