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Marine mineral wool spray products SprayMix


SprayMix Physicochemical Properties


SprayMixG: Natural white with density of 45-65kg / m3 and melting point of 650 degrees. It has been tested by IMO 2010 FTP as an A0 non-combustible heat insulating material. No flame spread under high temperature, no fumes and no toxic or harmful substances ; Adiabatic coefficient of 0.035 W / m , 25mm noise reduction coefficient NRC = 0.8, the average thickness of 30mm insulation volume up to 41db, with excellent thermal insulation noise reduction performance; 

SprayMixS: Gray-green with a density of 140kg / m3, with good adiabatic and noise reduction performance, with an adiabatic coefficient of up to 0.038 W / m • K, 30MM NRC0.8 and an average sound insulation of 43db;

SprayMix S has excellent fire resistance, the melting point of 1000 degrees above the ship bulkhead and deck sprayed 40mm thick, according to the international IMO2010 FTP fire test rules to A60 fire rating, can be used for bulkhead, deck fire-resistant access to China Classification Society CCS certification.

SprayMix also has moisture, anti-condensation, anti-condensation; anti-vibration; non-toxic, tasteless, non-radioactive; antibacterial, mildew; acid, alkali, wind erosion, anti-aging and other features.